El Templo del Flamenco

Flamenco show in a cave

Flamenco is a mixture of various cultures that have left traces in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the most representative expression of Andalusian folklore and is very present to this day.

  • There are differents timetables: 8:00pm, 22:00pm. Consult exceptional passes
  • Not recommended
  • sin acceso vehicular
  • Yes
  • Immediate confirmation
  • 1:10hour
  • EL TEMPLO DEL FLAMENCO -Pernaleros Alto, 41 - Albaycín (Granada)
  • Possibility of dinner


In "El Templo del Flamenco" we can enjoy one of the mest Flameco Shows in Granada. Flamenco in its purest form, full of magic, power and emotion.

Our show staff is made up by artists of international renown, joining young artists with others who are consolidated in the world of Flamenco.
Artists wit innovative techniques with artists of the purest inherited tradition.

The restaurant provides a tasty and traditional cuisine, based on recipes taken root in the Andalusian Culture, to wich our creative chefs add a touch of Flamenco flavored.... Mediterranean Cuisine for a Mediterranean Art.

What is expressed on the Tablao takes the spectator on an emotional journey, accelerating their pulse with its dances, with the most rhythmic "palos"
 of Flamenco: alegrías, tangos, soleás por bulerías, seguiriyas or bulerías, etc.

A complet show, Balanced in tempo and of excellent quality.

You can choose ONLY SHOW or SHOW + DINNER
  • ONLY SHOW or SHOW + DINNER at 20.00pm.
  • ONLY SHOW or SHOW + DINNER at 22.00pm

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